SocialBroker Client Testimonial

Great news: We’ve managed to help acquire your handle! 

As a start-up company run by a small team, sharing our client success stories is key to us driving new business and continuing to make the social media economy a safer space. We would be hugely grateful if you could provide us with a video testimonial - just 30 seconds talking about your experience with Socialbroker and how your new handle will benefit your brand.. 

Some ideas & prompts to consider: 

  • How was SocialBroker’s service for you? 

Our team prides itself on our customer service. We try to bring transparency & efficiency to every transaction and ensure that all parties are satisfied with the end result. 

  • Were we able to help solve a problem that had proven difficult in the past? 

Some of our clients have previously been scammed, been victims of fraud or cyber crime whilst trying to acquire their handles. Additionally, some clients have seen lost CTR engagements and revenue due to the wrong handle being tagged in promotional campaigns and marketing. 

  • Were the team able to acquire your handles within your budget? 

We try to maintain reasonable cost expectations throughout - at times we are able to acquire handles for less than we initially thought.

  • What sort of impact will having an accurate handle have on your brand? 

Previous clients have seen increases in engagements, CTR, following, and interaction metrics following implementation of brand-accurate handles.

  • What sort of impact will having an accurate handle have on your customers? 

Previous clients have cited an increase in customer engagement alongside boosts in customer feedback metrics as a result of being easier to find and identify on social media platforms.

  • Would you use SocialBroker again? 

We are always happy to help acquire handles for additional brands, brand related IP or even for personal use. 

  • Would you recommend SocialBroker to another brand? 

We always appreciate referrals & offer discounts on further handles for individuals who’s referral results in a successful acquisition!